tirsdag 13. desember 2011

InTundra photo-frames

Some of you may have seen these photo-frames before. This was one of my many ideas for my InTundra project. I was so happy with the result I decided to make one for each of the sponsors for my new album "The Arctic Fairy" who requested a piece of art from me. I made my first frame of reindeer skin many years ago. I asked my grandmother if she had some reindeer skin for me, and she did. She was happy to give me the skin when she knew I would be making something nice from it. She usually don´t just give things away. I guess I owe her a frame! I have to giver her one!
The skin used on these frames are usually used for making "goikkehat" The sami winter-shoe made of reindeer skin. The skin comes from the reindeers legs.

On the left is a collage of different sami bands in different patterns and skin in different colors. 

The traditonal sami winter shoe "goikkehat" made of reindeer skin from the reindeers legs. 

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