mandag 2. juni 2014


A small knife and my pouch. Photo Freddy L. Larsen. 
Many years ago (in 2006) when I was i Australia  I buoght a book about crystals and stones. And I had got a quartz-stone. I was reading in this book about the use of crystals and decided to hold my quarts-stone.
What happened when I did resulted in what I now call my "lucky-pouch".

I was holding the quartz stone - I closed my eyes and I was filled with tranquility. It was a peaceful feeling. I tried holding the stone after a few days again to see if there was a difference, and I could still feel the difference when holding it, and when not holding it. I remember thinking "what if I could feel this while on stage while perfoming." I was at that time struggeling with stage fright and nervousity.

I had been spending alot of time with a guy who always carried his own pouch with him. He had stones and other symbolic things that where meaninful to him in his pouch, and he showed me the meaning of having one. I decided to make my own.

I bought a small traditional sami pouch made of reindeer skin from the market i Kautokeino, and filled it with stones I had from before - quarts and amethyst. I also bought a few more that where known to have the qualities I was looking for and put it in the pouch. And ever since that day I have carried this pouch with me on every concert and every dance-show I have danced. If you can´t see it on me, then it´s under my clothes. Every time before I walk onstage I grab the pouch like I was holding the quartz for the first time. I close my eyes - go to that tranquil place and thank the universe for letting me express myself on this stage.

A few years ago at Gothla. uk some people had noticed that I had started to wear this lucky pouch with me, and a woman asked me about it. She had great knowledge about this sorts of stuff and had guessed it´s purpose. She gave me an additional stone to add in my pouch. I never forgot this. Thank you!

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