torsdag 20. november 2014


Sainkho, I and Sainkho´s daughter who had a name I can´t pronounce or write.
But it meant a neverfreezing river. 

After my first ever Germany tour, there was this big conicidence of Sainhko having a workshop i Basel - only 2 hours trainride from my last gig in Ludwigsburg. And I got a space on it, so off I went! Johan Sara Jr. had recommended me to attend her workshop so that I could start improvising with my voice more. Just what I needed! Sainhko talked alot about dancing while making the sound, just like I had experiemented with at home. I am very happy I attended this workshop, cause she is such a wise woman. She showed us alot of techinches for overtone singing and throatsinging and improvising.

All participants of the workshop. 

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