lørdag 14. mai 2016


It was the winter stream
the coldness of the world
the coldness of my heart

Yes, to be strong and steady.
To be determinded, don´t look for approval from others - don´t look to others for love
Love yourself.
never make yourself dependent of anybody.
Never expect anything from anyone
Just do your own thing
warm your own heart
give yourself what you want...
All you need you can give yourself, no-one else can give it to you anyway.

So you say, but at the same time
- the opposite.
Sometimes all you need is someone to be on your side
someone who will love you when you cannot love yourself
someone who can remind you to love yourself like they love you
to show you how to love at the worst times
Someone to remind you that happiness is to be found.

- Elin Kåven

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