søndag 10. september 2017


Today we went to a seremoni held by Mayan elders. They have been in Norway before - even in Karasjok, and came back now to connetct with the north.

Today is called "12 K´at" in the mayan calendar, and that is the day of the seeds. All kinds of seeds. Seed of the water, earth, trees, humans, every single smallest seed there is in the world.
It was also the day for connecting the mind-heart- and belly to create harmony in the feelings.

It was so interesting to see how Mayans do their ancient rituals and listen to them talk in the old K´iche language. I am not going to explain everything that happened - cause I cannot...
At the end of the seremony - Kjetil and I drummed a bit and we joiked.

But for me the things that came into my understanding is how important it is to give and take. - To let the energies flow through you. Don´t let them stagnate in your body. Let go. Both good and bad in flow - let them flow through you. When you receive  something - let it go through you and then let it go. Let it go back to earth for example.

First we got healing from our forefathers to a place in the body where we need it (of our own choosing) - and then after we had received this healing we gave it back to the water. We gave the healing energy to all the water on earth. We don´t want it to dry out - cause we need it. 

If you ever have the chance I would recommend going to a Mayan Fire Seremony. It was a really strong and profound experience  - if you let if be so, of course!

I hope to see them again - cause I don´t have the opportunity to go to their main seremony in Oslo the 22th of september.

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