fredag 8. september 2017


Feeling pretty with leaves! 🍃I like to wear things that remind me of things I love. 🌲 This leaf is a actual leaf that has been preseved in metal from Its amazing! ❤️🍃#love #necklace #leafdesign #blattraush #nature

Don´t underestimate the power of small things. The size does not equal importance. I love wearing things that have great value to me, and mean something to me. Jewlery is a great example of that. It´s good to have something to remind you of the things you love. Whenever you need that extra support - you can just look at the necklace or ring you are wearing and be reminded of the good things in life.

When I saw Blattrausch jewlery at Rudolstadt this summer when we where playing there I fell in love immidiatly, and I wanted to buy everything! What they have done is to take real leaves and preserved them in different precious metals. The leaf will live forever! <3 Do you have something small and special you like to wear and for what occasions?

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