fredag 29. juni 2018


I have been trying to figure out the mystery of the ego for a long time now. To let go of the ego - what does that mean anyway? And what is the ego?

It´s said that its a bad thing when you are acting out of your ego. Why do we have a ego thrn if its so bad? Isn´t the world supposed to be perfect as it is? Why has this mysterious good God given this handicap of an ego for us to struggle with and spend our lives trying to not use it?

I have asked a few people about it, and of course they gave me vague answers. I still got the impressions that they meant its a bad thing to have a ego and we should let it go. And of course there are alot of books about this to read, and I am sure some of them have come to the same conlusion as I have. Unfortuanelty I have not been able to read much the last years - but getting there...
I finally today got a theory in my mind about what the ego is.

I think the ego is actually our free will. 

Animals usually don´t have egos - they have instinkts. Humans (and maybe a few animals) are the only species as far as we know on this planet that have egos - and free will.
I therefore came to the conclusion that they are actually the same thing, just using different descripton of the same mechanism.

The ego/free will is the ability to choose which path you take in life. To choose between all the diffrent colours in life. To chose the bad, the good and everything in between. To choose to be happy, sad or everything in between. It´s the free WILL. I can wish and dream about anything and because of my free will I will actually be able to go through with it and make it happen.

I have the choice to surrender to the universe and a higher force - become religious or whatever I want to be - and live a life whorshipping something that is outside this physical existience.
Also I have the choice to be a ateist, and only focus on materialism, only on the physical and bodily pleasures.  Or I can choose both! I can even choose to live many lifes within one lifetime. For example a criminal half my life, and religious the rest. So many choices! They are endelss. The bottom line is that everyday I can choose what to have in my life.
The benefit of an ego / free will are obvious!

So... I don´t acutally belive that it is possible to loose the ego anymore, then the only thing you would do if you lost it is to actually make yourself smaller then you are - you would lack a huge part of being a human. You would not be a fully functioning human. The ego is there for a reason. You are supposed to use your free will for something!
If you choose to surrender to a higher purpose - then you are not loosing your ego - you are using it! You are using your free will to let something else decide over your human life at this point in time. That is a very brave thing to do.
I think no matter what we choose in life we are actually using our egos, because we are human - and we have egos no matter what.
Your ego wants control - but you can choose to give your ego a rest, and that´s probably what people mean by "let go of the ego".

Do you think this makes sense? Do you think that ego and free will can be the same?

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