onsdag 4. juli 2018


This morning I woke up thinking about the sacred union of marriage.  I have dated a few guys in the past who do not believe in marrige. And also met women who do not believe in marriage.

For me a marriage has always been a very romantic idea. Not only the wedding but to also to give the other person so much of your life, your trust, loyalty, love and are devoted to that person so much you can see yourself with this person the rest of your life. It is a very beautiful thing to me.

But today I thought of another aspect of marrige. The protection a sacred union will provide. When you are married there is alot of protection purely in the fact that you are married.
The sacred union of marrige and the energy that two people surround themselves with, and are grounded in - that they have created together works as protection from harm from the rest of the world. They will stand strong together. And every marriage is sacred. Usually you stand in front of God(s) and you make vowes. I didnt realise before how much protection this can give to a couple. There will be a sacred protection in this relationship given with the blessing of the God(s) between the two. And that it is really difficult for anything or anyone anyone to interfere with. The universe has blessed you, and is on your side, you could say - just to put things in a romantic way...

A relationship is often about the two individuals developing as humans with the support of each other. The sacred union of marrige will give them the space to do so more easily, because they don´t have to be thinking about the protection and wellbeing their relationship all the time - because that is already being taken care of. They can now focus on their individual development, and at the same time know that their realation is being taken care of.
I realise this is possible even without marrige, but I think marrige will enforce this even further.

So why do we have so many divorces then? 
Because it is possible to break this protection from the inside. Because of change. Because of not paying attention, and not taking care of the individual needs of each other. Because the marrige was done on false premisses in the first place. Because we change directions in life, and need something else. Because of free will. Because marrige in the modern times is about love and co-exsitence - not about practicalities. Because we are stribing to evolve as humans, and every human trancsends in their own time, to necasserily when their spouse does. Everything changes - thats what life is about. And there is a time and space for everything.

How do you feel about marrige? Do you think it´s just for show and fun, or is it something more to it? Do you want to get married?