søndag 26. juni 2011

For the witches that where sentenced to death in fire at the stake

This summer solstice was really special to me. I have always had a special relation to the midsummer night. (hence my tattoo that is a sami symbol for it).

But this midsummer a memorial monument opened in Vardø, Finnmark in memory of all the witches that were burned in Finnmark. This happened during the witchcraft trials in Finnmark 1600-1692. It was special for me to sing at the old fortress for the opening of this monumnet, as many people have told me that if I had lived in those days, I would have been burned... So I feel like I have something in common with all the witches from back then.

From http://www.varangermuseum.no/Opening+of+the+Monument+for+the+victims+of+the+witchcraft+trials.9UFRrUXn.ips
In the course of 5 winter months in 1662 and 1663, 20 women were denied the right to live, most of them burned at the stake, but some were also tortured to death. During this century, there great witchcraft panics were held in Finnmark, most of them at the old Fortress in Vardø; 91 people lost their lives, most of them women. Varanger Museum have chosen the excerpt of this trial from the court protocols, because it in many ways casts a light on the line of thinking in this process hell that is absolutely unique.

From the protocols:

One of the most famous of the 91 persons excecuted, Mari Jørgensdatter was:
Brought before the court at Vardøhus Castle on 29 January 1621

of practising witchcraft

that the devil came to her one night when she was in bed
that he promised to remunerate her if she where willing to serve him
that she agreed, and he left his mark on her left hand, between the two longest fingers
that the Evil One called himself Saclumb
that the Evil One led her to Kirsten Sørensdatter, and cast the likeness of a raven over her
that she an eleven other witches caroused on Ballvollen near Vardø
that they went to the mountain Lyderhorn near Bergen in the shape of ravens, dogs and cats
that they caroused at the gathering on Lyderhorn
that she took part in raising a dreadful storm in 1617 on Christmas Eve
that ten boats went down then, off Kiberg and Vardø, and 40 people drowned
taht the storm was Kirsten Sørensdatter´s revenge against Anders Blom for Kiberg
that she was adept at healing spells and all kinds of charms, only for beneficial purposes

Denounced Ragnhilde Olufdatter, Marrite Olufsdater, and nine other persons as witches
Said that Kirsten cast a spell on three of Anders Johansen´s cows and a heifer

of practice of witchcraft

Sentenced to death in fire at the stake

The monuments

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