tirsdag 21. juni 2011

Festspillene i Nord Norge

Backstage before the concert

Wow! Our Gig at Festspillene i Nord Norge went so well! I was not sure at all how this would go. If there would come any people to watch us, and how the concert would go. How the Venue was and everything. But It went just great! Which was really good because NRK P2 was recordning this for the radio, and later this year people will be able to hear this on the radio. :D

Earlier that day I was interviewed and photographed for the Paper Nordlys. The photograpfer there was really great, he took some great picures of me. The ones that ended up in the paper where ok, but I actually think he had some better pics of me. Of course, I always see myself differently then others, so... :D

At the concert the place started to fill up after we had played a few songs, and soon it was full! I didnt think that there would be coming so many people a moday night at 2300 and after there had been several other great concerts too choose from. Unfortunately I didnt have time to go on any of them. The crowd where so supportive and the athmosphere was just magic, so all of us where just overwhelmed by how good it went. The sound on the stage was perfect, so where were able to just focus on our thing all the time.
I have been dreaming about perfoming at Festspillene for a long time, cause I have always heard so many good things about this festival. This was my first time there actually, and it was all good! :D Very Happy! YAY!

Status update:
Good gig in at Festspillene i Nord-Norge! So happy with my band! So early... Need sleep on flight.

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