mandag 13. juni 2011

Visiting Gardin/Ravnastua

This weekend I walked up to Gardin which is 16 kilometers from the road. It took me 6 hours! I was so tired when I got there. My backpack was so heavy, and the first half walking up there is only uphill, so that is the hardest part to walk. But I was really happy when I got there. There was no one there but me, so I had all the peace I wanted in the world. I slept so well that night. Heard alot of birds singing and the next day I went to the lake just beside the mountain house, lit a fire and barbecued some meat on the fire and listened to the cuckoo. What a funny bird! hihii Ko-ko

The purpose of the trip was also to gather most of my songs, and try to finish them as much as possible, so that in the autumn they will be ready for recording in the studio. How to fund my new CD I dont know yet, but I have to get some!

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