onsdag 17. august 2011

My own Radio-Show in Switzerland! First show on monday!

Yes, I know! You probably don´t believe me. My father didn´t... He was like "Yeah, sure Elin. Thats sounds very likely!" But it is true! I have already made my first show, and it will be braodcasted monday 22nd of August at 19-20!
The show will be braodcasted on a radio station i switzerland called Toxic.fm and the name of the show is FROST. They have a very easy working livestream! Just go to the webpage and press LIVESTREAM.

The thing is that when we were playing in Switerland this february people there really liked our concert! They wanted to know more sami music. The organiser of the festival Felix van den Berg is the one that has the FROST radio shows every week where he presents nordic folk music. He has trouble finding sami music down there in Switzerland, so he asked me for help. Then one day he thought of asking me to actually make a whole show with sami music, oresented by me. And I said yes of course! :D
I will be doing an hour long show every other month. This is so much fun! This first show I have made my own top 10 sami musicians of my life. :D

I did this radioprogram in a very easy way. I used my recorder that I use for recording song-ideas and just used it to record my voice. The day I had planned to finish this program I actually felt like going fishing and barbecue by the fire, so I decided to do that. So the first show is actually recorded by a fire in my hometown Karasjok.

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