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Tribe of Gaia (Dud Muurmand, Lisa B.Jørgensen and Louise Heichmann) -organisers and teachers of Tribal CPH.

Last weekend I was staying in Copenhagen for the Tribal CPH. It a weekend full of Tribal. ATS and Tribal Fusion. On the flight back home I was thinking about the improvisational styles of Tribal. I learnt Tribal in Australia. I first took some courses of the Improvisational Tribal style of the studio I was taking classes in. They had made their own format, and it was alot different then the ATS -Caroleena style. I was trying to remember the moves we learnt, and it was kind of fun. I find that style alot easier actually. I have dances ATS alot the last year and I am still struggeling with it. My biggest problem is to choose one move to do. So typical be being undecisive. In the first format there was this shimmy (not 3/4) that was kind of the step we always begin with. Kind of the starting point of the basic step or something. That made it a bit easier for me, to give me time to think...hehhe

I just realised how important the first classes are. My first tribal fusion teacher was actually Rachel Brice. This could be why Fusion has come so easily to me, and why the ATS format is so hard for me to learn. I am always thinking back to what we did the first time we did in The Tribal style class in Australia. Now that I have been teaching more and more I have to think that I am actually making the future of my students. In the beginning when I started to teach, I did it just because the was hardly anyone who knew any tribal. I was the only teacher. I knew more then othes, but maybe not enought. But the students I had then have actually helped me make the dancer and teacher I am today. If I had not taught tribal, I would probably just forgot everything I learned, and I would not be as good as I am today. I know I am a better teacher now that I have dedicated to this. Before I was just teaching until someone else would come and teach...But after a while I started liking it so much that I decided I don´t want to stop. A big thank you to my students the first years for sticking with me! :D

Status update:
sleeeeping....dreaming about Det Blå Hus in CPH where the tribal workshops where this weekend...

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