tirsdag 7. august 2012

Lihkku dunnuide, Alice ja Kenne! // Congrats!!

Last weekend I went to the wedding of my second-cousing Alice and his boyfriend for many years, Ken Robert. They also have a child together. In sami culture scond-cousins are treated as cousins, so Alice and I used to play alot together and we also went to school together. I really looked forward to going to their wedding, because I am always in such a hurry, I almost never have time to go to weddings or even just to visit. I usually miss out on celebrations like that, so I was happy. :D

They got married in the church in Karasjok. The priest was actually Alice´s godfather, so it was a special ceremony... The priest also did alot for the local fotballteam «nordlys», where Alice has played as the only girl, cause there was no team for ladies, so she begged to play on the boys team. It was the funniest ceremony, because the priest was talking about Alice, and how good he was at football. «Alice was as gold...*sobs* for Nordlys».

Ken Robert has also been a good friend to me since my early teens, he is always so much fun to be around, and those two fit perfectly together, cause they a both full of humor, self-irony and just the funniest people! Congratulations to Alice and Ken Robert!

The priest does his thing
On their way out afterwards

Everyone congratulates the married couple

Outside the church after the ceremony
Eva, me and Henry found a table in the corner 

Eating cake

Just ate nattamat /"night food" <3 br="br">

Brudevalsen- wedding walz or sth.