mandag 27. august 2012

Sunset Park in Umeå!

This weekend I was in Umeå for the Sunset Park festival where I did dance-performances and also a workshop. I really loved this festival because they had many different things to offer. Concerts, workshops, markets, lectures, art, and it was all subculture stuff. So interesting and refreshing to go there, and I felt totally inspired by it!

Backstage at Town Hall
First thing that happens is that the sami radio grabs me at the airport for an interview.

Lina, one of the organisers, and me.
Friday night a did a small performance at the club night wich was at Rådhuset/town hall. That was a bit special and different, but it was just the roght athmosephere for this kind of a club. The meeting room was turned into a dancefloor, it was great! :D I have once danced at the parliament in Oslo at a gothic themed wedding. The experience was similar to this. Very unusual, but doesnt feel wrong! :D hehe if you know what I mean...

On saturday I had my workshop, and thery where offered to come dance with me onstage at the show. And lots of the girls came along and danced with me. I was so happy! I didn´t actually expect that people would, but I was so happy that they did! :D The girls where excellent! And it went so well! Thak you, girls! That was great!

I also got to meet some sami people there from the Ponga family selling sami handicraft. I was very happy to meet them there! :D
The concerts and dance shows where outdoors in a park in the middle of the city, and they had two stages there. One for the concerts and one for the dance performances. And they also had markets there. On saturday night the whole festival ended with a organ-concert in the church nearby at 00:30.
That was a new one for me, and it was great! :D This concert was played by Ulla Olsson, and she rocked that organ!

I had best in Umeå! My hotel was great, and the organisers and helpers there where nice to me, workshop went well, the dance stage was perfect, and the sound and light guys where really pro, so it was perfect! :D