lørdag 16. mars 2013


I´m being al nervuos in the dressing room just before my second appearance. 
Yes! I didn´t not make a fool out of myself on national TV! That is a great thing to know! If anything had gone wrong I would have felt terrible, but everything went great! If you did not have the chance to see it on TV you can watch it here:


I am about 45:00 into the show.

What a unforgettable night that was! So many important and famous people gathered in one place! It was a bit of a crazy night for me, and when I greeted the King of Norway, it all got a little overwhelming for me!

Well, as you maybe know, this show was put on to celbrate the 100 years of womens right to vote, so it was a huge thing, and alot of people where involved in it. The prime minitster of Norway, Jens Stoltenberg opened the show with a speach about wimen in his life. I got to meet and greet alot of politicians and artists while I was there: Gro Harlem Brundtland, Ingrid Bjørnov, Kari Slåttsveen, Noora Noor, Tuva Syversen, Eir Inderhaug, Inga Marthe Thorkildsen, Aili Kestitalo of course, Kirsti Kolle Grøndahl, Wenche Myhre, Anne Grethe Paus, Kaci Kullman Five and many more!

It was crazy to have 72 women big symphony orchestra playing my song. It was powerful! When I heard the rchestra the first time I just had to laugh and smile cuase it was so much power! They kicked ass! I called them the kickass orchestra. And the dirigent Halldis Rønning was so cool!

The show came in two parts, and originally I had a appearance in both parts, but because the show was about 20 mins overtime, they had to cut off quite alot. So my acapella yoik was not braodcasted. I just loved the show! Ingid Bjørnov was so much fun, and a lovely person. She advised me to get rid of some adrenalin, which I actually did by jumping around and just freaking out a bit a few hours before the show. I think I helped to calm the nerves. :D
And I also got to greet Tuva Syversen from Valkyrien Allstars. I was really impressed with her after I saw a few episodes of "Stjernekamp" on Tv. She is excellent!

I had this amazing dress for this appearance. I had got Tonje Plur to make me a dress for this big occasion for me. She had alot to do, but luckyly she did have time to make this dress for me, and it was perfect! I got so much compliments for it everywhere, and it fit the decor perfecly and I looked and felt like a forrestfairy. Which was excatly what I wanted! You can find her here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tonje-Plur-Design/309083894938?ref=ts&fref=ts  

After the show there was some kind of gathering in the lobby of Kilden in Kristiansand where this show took place. The king and crownprinsesse Mette Marit had been amongst the audience that night, so they where there. I was drinking some champagne and eating some canapees, when Nora Ibsen - the producer of the show came to ma and said: "put that away and we will go and meet the king." And I was like: "No way! what do I say to him?!?! I can´t meet the king! what do I do?" and people around me where telling me that I could and I should bow. And I asked Nora: "What do I say to him? Hans høyelige konghet? His higness or your majesty or what?". And Nora explained very carefully, "The king is His majesty and Mette Marit is her highness crownprinsess." So she dragged me to the king, and was panicing not knowing what to do. I just thought of all the fairy tales I had seen where everyone who comes near the king bows very deep and take his hand. So I did just that, and said "His Majesty or Your Majesty or something... And a bowed and then I just stood there and smiled at him. I didnt know what to say. The director of the show was standing next to the king, and he started telling stories about me, that I have released 2 albums and so and so... The king didn´t say much, just smiled. And then more people came to greet him, and I lost his attantion, so the Nora took me to the crownprincess Mette Marit, and that was even more embarrasing. She was surrounded by alot of wimen and they where joking around with this stuffed animal, so I just felt very awkward when Nora presented me to her, I just talked to her very briefly before I went back to eating canapees and talking to people I don´t know who they are.... :D

It was a cool experience, but unfortunately I had to catch a early flight back to Alta the next morning due to another gig in Alta, so I had to leave early. But I think I will always remember that day for the rest of my life! Crazy! I doubt I will ever experience anything like it. :D 

Ingrid Bjørnov, Halldis Rønning and me.

My canapées half eaten.

I managed to get my relative Hanne-Kristin Kåven Kraus a ticket! She was extremely lucky, I heard people we fighting like dogs for tickets.

The excellent backingvocalists! Marianne Pentha and Rikke Normann.

Kilden Teater og Konserthus in Kristiansand.

The first white soundtable I have seen. And it lights up in all sorts of colours! Like a control panel in Star Wars. On the right is the front of stage.

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