torsdag 7. mars 2013


This week has been a lifechanging week for me. Strong words maybe, but it feels like it.
When they first called me before christmas to ask if I would join this huge event on the 8th of march -a live concert full of Norwegian celebrities on wimens rights day- I didnt believe it at first. It just seemed to good to be true. I didn´t dare to tell anyone because I was afraid they would laugh and say it was a joke or that I had misunderstood. But Nora Ibsen called me, and asked if I wanted to sing and joik and be a part of a HUGE TV-production for NRK1!

This is the biggest milestone in my life. Not only my carriere as a singer, but in my life. I have been working towards and dreamt about this all my life! I have a symphonyorchestra from Kristiansand and Stavanger with dirigent Halldis Rønning. She kicks ass! That orchestra kicks ass! I mean, this is a lifetime experience!  Not every artist gets the chance to do what I am about to do now! I have deep gratitude to Anne Røthing at NRK who actually got me in this show!

The last 2 years I have been overworked and just stressed, and this has affected mostly my dancing, because I have had some back pains and have been low on energy. I have slowly gotten better after I moved back to Finnmark and Alta. And with this TV-performance I feel I can start a new chapter of my life.

I have worked so hard for 6-7 years to have a job in music and dancing, and its been crazy busy and hard to earn enough money every month.  Because of this event I can sit back, tap myself on the shoulder and say "all the work and effort you have done payed off, you have reached your goal".
It´s a great feeling to have. The proof that I actually can do whatever I want to. This performance is a proof of that.

Now I can look forward towards new milestones. But first I have to give the performance of my lifetime! Tomorrow it is the day!

Superstar dressingrooms!

Stage during soundchecks. Kickass!

The lovely city of Kristiansand! Where I saw Bjørk live at quartfestivalen once in the 90ies.
I arrived here in Kristiansand yesterday and rehearsed with the band, and orchestra. I was on cloud nine, so it all seems very strange to me today! Today we have final rehearsals, and tomorrow is the real deal!

3 kommentarer:

  1. Vél fortjent, Elin! "Break a leg" i kveld - det kommer til å bli fantastisk bra! Gleder meg til å se! :)

  2. Så utrlig velfortjent Elin !!
    Lykke til i med opptreden !
    Jeg kommer til å bli en av mange som skal benke meg forran tvn i kveld. Gleder meg virkelig til å se.

  3. Utrolig bra konsert! Kan jeg spørre hvor du har kjøpt kjolen du hadde på? Utrolig flott!