lørdag 16. mars 2013


Johan Sara and me in the cottage before the performance.
 Johan Sara with space-suit for the occasion. 

I left the party after the TV-show debut at about 12 so I would have time to sleep before I had to rush back to the Airport and catch the early flight to Oslo and then Tromsø and Alta, to be back in Alta in time for the performance Johan Sara jr. and me had been preparing for Pæskatun during the Borealis vinterfestival and Finnmarksløpet. Eirik Tandberg and Trond Strifeldt held a lecture about the atars and astrofysics or something like that, and after the lecure Johan Sara and me would have a performance outdoors on the snowstage after the lecture. It was very windy and cold before our performance, and we were starting to think that we had to do the performance inside, but mystically the weather changed to better during our performance before the snow started again, and the wind started blowing again. Johan said this always happens, its like the weather knows when to be nice to him on outdoor performances. Very good! The performance was very strange for me. It was not very much singing in my behalf, like I usually do. Johan wanted me to improvise with sounds and noises, and I tried my best, but its very new to me do to that sort of thing, so it was challenging.

Backstage Cabin

Lavvu to get some coffee and cakes.

The stage. It was dark, and we hoped for Northern Lights, but unfortunately we couldt see any. 

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