mandag 1. april 2013


Ingelin, Ailo Mathias and Steffen.
Yesterday was a great day! When I woke up this morning I felt rested, and happy. I didn´t have any nightmares at night or anything. :D

Yesterday we went to Ravnastua Mountain house where my cousin Ingelin and her boyfriend Steffen where going to baptise their child Ailo Mathias. They had asked me to be his godmother, and I of course said yes, because Ingelin and Steffen are so cool, and their child will also be cool!

To get up to the mouintain house we got to ride with my aunt and uncle with their snowmobile about half the way, and then we went skiing rest of the way. We got there just in time for the ceremony. Ingelin and Steffen and their mums where the entertainment, and the ones to hold the ceremony. They did alot of singing, and serving food, so it was really nice! Very cosy.  After we had eaten dinner, dessert and cakes, my uncle drove a bunch of us in his snow-trac back to the car-road. It was good to do some skiing, and today I felt really refreshed! 

In the snow-trac on our way back to car-road.

My cute godson and me.

Ingelin, Steffen and Ailo Mathias.

Parents and godparents. 

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