søndag 26. desember 2010

Christmas memories!

This is such a cool movie! I have seen it many times, but never from the beginning. I always turn on the TV and there it is just finishing! I remember when I was younger, maybe only a child I saw the end of this movie and though "wow, what a beutiful song!" And I sang "mom is home, now you can open the door, dont be afraid now, not anymore" all christmas. That was all of the lyrics I knew, and had no idea of what the movie was called or where to get hold of it. But I accidentally have tuned into this movie every year since! They show it every christmas in Norway it seems. And I have seen it twice this year! But still havent seen the beginning.... I love it! :D And now I know what it is called too! Maybe I will be able to see the beginning soon.... :D