fredag 3. desember 2010

Coold photoshoot!

I have just had a photoshoot ouside. And it was cold! I wanted it to look like a spring-picture, so I couldnt really have alot of clothes on me, but the weather was coooold! This pic was for some kind of a by:Larm-paper inside a newspaper called Dagsavisen. The photographer was Solveig Selj who is a awsome fashion photographer, luckily for me!

She was like; "yeah we gonna do this and that,just stand over there", and after maybe 30 mins of clicks we where finished! I was freezing cold, but luckily she worked so fast that I couldnt believe we got the pics already. I looked thruogh the frames and there where so many good pics! I dont know how I will be able to choose just a few of them...

I will be able to see the result soon! :D

You can see som of her beutiful work here

Have a nice weekend! I am going to get ready for the student-show at the bellydance shool I teach in here in Oslo, Madam qadam orientalske magedansskole.