torsdag 2. desember 2010

Reindans - Boazodansa - Reindeer dance

Yesterday I finally got to see the dance performance called Boazodansa - Reindeer dance. Two modern dancers from Finnmark dance in it and they have made a beutiful film from the reindeer herd to the performance. The dancers and choreographs are Simone Grøtte Pedersen and Johanne Eltoft. Herman Rundberg has made so beutiful music to it, and also Petter Carlsen is in it with his soothing vocals.
Its about these two girls that dance in and with the reindeer herd. It was a really special experience, and inspired me so much! They manifested many things in their dance that I have been trying to do in my own dance. And I feel actually stronger as s dancer after this, cause I feel now that my expression as a Tribal Fusion dancer is valid. In the bellydance community I am always facing a whole different approach to and expression in the dancing. I have many times doubted my choices as a dancer because I was afraid to make it too different from what is expected from a bellydancer. But now its is like a relief for me, cause I have seen why I have all these urges to express myself in certain ways in my dance, that maybe people who are not sami never would feel the need for. Like my teachers that I look up to can never express this deep feeling of the love for and connection with the nature, and the source of life almost... the way that this dance just showed me. Because they are not inspired by the same things as me. My teahcers will give me the tools, but I have to use them the way I feel is natural for me and use it with my own expression.

Thank you so much for this amazing experience!