tirsdag 14. desember 2010

Working on my new single!

The first studio-session for my new single went well! Juhani Silvola and I were in the studio for 5 hours and we have the skeleton of the song ready already! Very effective working I must say! Juhani who has been playing guitar with me since 2008 is producing this single for me to release it at by:Larm. I am so glad he wanted to do it, and I am so looking forward to releasing it!
Juhani has by the way just finished recording a new albmun for his band "Sacred Harp". I love that band! Cant wait to hear the album! You should absolutely visit them at:


My new single which will be out in february is a hopeful spring-song. It is all about letting yourself be happy. That the dream of happiness is comes true if you let it. The title in sami is "Lihkku niehkku". "Lihkku" means happy or lucky and "niehkku" means dream. To norwegian I would translate it "Lykke drøm" but in engllish I dont know how I would say it without it sounding silly... If anyone could help me translate I would appriciate it! :D