onsdag 20. april 2011

Playing in a Sami turf hut in my Hometown Karasjok

My concert at the easter festival in Karasjok was set to the turf hut, Gammen in Karasjok. This is a restaurant run by The Rica Hotel in Karasjok. It is made of 4 traditional huts put together in one big. Each of them has a fire place and they serve traditional sami food, coffee and beer. This is a very atmosferic place to have a concert, and very smoky. My throat was drying out all the time from the smoke, so I had to drink alot. :D

The hut was almost full, so many people had come. and I was really syrprised! I never thought so many people would turn up at my concert in my hometown, they say thats the hardest place to be successful, but that night I really felt sucsessful! The organiser of the festival, Randi Olstad, said they had never ad so many people at a concert so early in the easter week, and had sold 50 tickets in advantage which was also rare.
I had my whole band with me, and was so pleased with the concert. It was a really nice experience for everyone! :D