onsdag 6. april 2011

DARK WEEKEND CPH - Bigger and darker every year!

Last weekend was the weekend I had been looking forward to for a year!
Last year I was at this happening that Dud Muurmand/tribaldance.dk organises yearly with Callisto from tribagoth.se. I was following the workshops and also perfomed at the show. I had the best time there then and this year was even better!
All the workshops were sold out, and the Dark Cabaret on saturday had almost twice as many in the audience as last year.

I gave 2 workshops + an extra one, because of the sellout. The students at the workshops where just the best! We had so much fun.

For the Dark Cabaret Dud, Callisto and I had a special surprise wich was a act with the 3 of us together. We had each cosen music and choreographed about 1 minute that we were supposed to learn before the weekend. Since we all live in different countries this was not very easy to arrange, but we went through with the performance anyway. I dont know if I have the nerves to look at the video of us...

But this was such a great thing to do together, and we had lots of fun with it, so we will continue our collaboration on different projects as well.

I am just overwhelmed again from this whole weekend. It is always such a big inspiration to me when I go away on weekends where everything is all about dancing, and it is totally ok to talk about dancing all day and night. Meeting other dancers is a huge part of it! This year Ulla Edenmark turned up, wich made all of us happy!Ulla is one of the pioneers of Tribal dance in Skandinavia.

Ulla Edenmark and me before the show.

Dud, who was the main organiser of the whole thing, and worked so hard with everything to make everything this weekend perfect. And it was! I am really amazed of the good work she did! Everything went as planned to every minute of the day! It was such a pleasure to come there and know that everything was under control. She really deserves some kind of a price to have made this event what is was, and for all the work she does for tribal dance in Denmark, and all of skandinavia. She is just the most extraordinary woman I have ever met! A inspiration for all of us!