lørdag 23. april 2011

Saami Easter festival, Kautokeino

The next day I took my band to Kautokeino where we had a concert at this big sports arena. The stage is huge there, so it was the opposite of the concert in Karasjok. I love that stage, It is big and always has nice decoration, and the sound and light guys are just awesome! For this gig I brought my own lightdesigner, Elisabeth Nilsson. Nothing can go wrong when the band, the stage, the lights and the sound - people are the best!

I had ordered a headworn microphone for this gig, but it was too big for me...:( But fortunately the sound-guys there had one I could borrow and it fitted me perfectly! I am now working on getting to buy that one and giving the one I bought back.
This was my first concert using a headworn microphone and I was a bit concerned about how I would feel, if I would feel naked or what, but no! It felt comfortable not having to hold the mic all the time and worring about how far away I am from it all the time.
Whenever I get the cance I will wear my headworn mic!

The saami easter festival is the biggest one in Sapmi, and every year there is alot going on there. This year was evene busier. Many activities and concerts where happening at the same time, so we always had to choose what to go and see and what to miss out on. Today, before I left for Karasjok, I sneaked in to see the rehearsal for Sami Grand Prix, just to check out the songs and artists. A group from Karasjok "Rolffa" was participating there, and right away when I saw their name on the list of participants I knew they would win! And they did! Congratulations! :D