fredag 29. april 2011

My Favorite Place

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My favorite place in the world may not be a surprise to any of you, but it is in the middle of the tundras of northern Norway. This place is called Gárdin Duottarstohpu/Ravnastua Fjellstue/Ravnastua Muontainhouse. It is a place to stay for campers and other guests while travelling in the wild. You can rent rooms there and they also have showers, sauna, dinner, meetingroom and a small stage. My grandmother ran this place for 50 years, and now my uncle is running it.

It is 15 km from the road, so getting there you have to either walk, use the jeep, 4WD or traktor, and ski or snowmobile in winter. It is a nice trip up there. Summertime I usually spend 4 hours hiking up to this place, with 2 stops where I make a fire and drink water from the rivers and springs. Hiking on the tundra inspires me so much, it’s like every tree, plant and rock is singing with me!

When you come up to Ravnastua you see mountains, a river, tundra, forrest, and a field of flowers. This place has everything! In addition to all this there is also a lake close to the house. We call it bathing-lake, because there’s not much fish in that lake, but there is a small beatiful beach. This is the most beutiful place in the whole world! You can lit a fire by the lake and just relax, and if the weather is nice, go for a swim.

For all artist nerves are an issue, and this place is my special place that I think of when I want to feel safe. I think about this place before I go on stage. I visualize myself sitting by that lake, looking at that peaceful, nature, the shine of the water and the wild tundras surroundig it. It calms me down and grounds me when I feel myself being there. The smells, sounds and wind. And that way I make the stage be that special place…. My favorite place!

My album ”Jikŋon musihkka-Frozen music” released 2009 is my soundtrack of Ravnastua wintertime.