tirsdag 19. april 2011

Sound City Tromsø!

This saturday I was playing at Tromsø Sound City. The event was at Driv in Tromsø which is a student house and pub. The athmosphere there was just amazing, and it was so cool to be able to walk from one stage to another to watch concerts. I had such a great time there. There where three stages and they where all indoors in different floors of the house. This is the same place where I will be playing in May.

We where going to be just 3 people on stage, Juhani, Ole Jørn and me. But Ole Jørn had asked two more musicians from Tromsø to join, so Herman Rundberg and Kjetil Dalland also played with me! I was very proud to have them play with me!
We had about 2,5 hours of rehearsal before the sound check and it was all good! The guys are amazing! My goal is to always make the next show my best show, and I think it was! I was so happy with them all, cause everything went perfectly well and the audience where happy. :D

And I got good reviews from groove.no also!

Now I am back in my hometown Karasjok where I will be playing tomorrow. I am excited to see how my nerves are this time. :D