fredag 18. mars 2011

Back in Kirkenes

So early morning Jørn and I caught a flight to Kirkenes with Mikael wiehe and his magic soundman. We are going to support him in Kirkenes also. This time at samfunnshuset.
This was a very special place to come to for me. The building was so old, but very well kept, and the manager was very much engaged in what he was doing. they had made the most beutiful lightening for the stage. It was just great.

While I was on stage i didnt have any clue how many people where in the room, because of the light that shined right at me, but I could hear them, and they told me there where about 200 people in there. So here was the same as in Alta, people where suprised to hear my music and see my dancing, spellbound with it, luckily for me! I am very happy to have been able to show people in Finnmark my music and dance. Even if many sami people know me, there are still lots of Norwegians in the northern parts that had never heard my music. I am happy about all thet good response I had had from people in the north, and also from far away from other countries. It makes me want to continue dancing and singing when so many people tell me that I should, and that they felt spellbound. That is the biggest thing for me! :D