lørdag 12. mars 2011

Hammerfest! Hammer-party!

Photos Andreas Fliflet

Friday 11th I did a few songs at the opening banquet for finnmarksløpet in Alta. This was at the hotel. The athomsfere was nice and i could tell people where excited about the next day, when the race starts.

And so the next day, saturday 12th of march just before the race started I did "Lihkku Niehku" at the start line before the racers took off. There wehere so many people who had gathered there to watch the racers when they went. The race had begin! :D

When I had done my song I had to hurry straight to the car and start driving to Hammerfest. It is just a few hours driving, so it wasnt so bad. I got there just an hour before my band landed at Hammerfest airport, so I went to get them from the airport, wich was not easy to find, actually, when you have never been there before. No signs anywhere.

Hihi anyway, we were playing at Arktisk kultuersenter in Hammerfest. A really nice new building. The sound was great, and the lighting was awesome, the whole thing just went perfect! I couldnt be more happy with our performance!
This time I had with me 2 new bandmembers. Andreas on drums and Jo Skaansar on bass, in addition to Juani Silvola on guitar and Ole Jørn Myklebust on synth and trumpet.

I am som happy , because this concert was recorded for NRK to send it on the radio at some point, and that concert was awesome. The people who had come where very happy with it! Everyone seemed to have had a great experience, which I was hoping for of course. Very very happy!! :D