mandag 14. mars 2011

Snow-hotel in Kirkenes

So now its time to go to Kirkenes, and for the snow-hotel.
Every year they build a snow hotel in Kirkenes. They have sround 10 rooms. This year some ice-artist from Tokyo had come to Kirkenes and helped bulding this hotel, so it had some oriental decor in there as well.
I think this is my second snow hotel I have been to. I have also been to a Ice-bar in New Zealand, but that was basically just a really big refigerator with bar in it made of ice.

Jørn Øien came to meet me today. He will be playing duo-concerts with me most of the tour. He is a jazz-pianist and although he plays synth on my CD "jiknon musihkka-frozen music" ha has never played with me live before.

It was once again the perfect setting for my frozen music i felt. I was surrounded by ice and snow, but still it felt very intimate. Ája and me played a short concert in the bar-area of the hotel. It was a magical feeling. And people loved it. And I really loved the setting!

Many of the people at the concert would be sleeping in the hotel that night. I wonder what it feels like to wake up in a snow-hotel. I have never tried sleeping not even in a lavvu in the winter, except for once, I belieive long time ago....
Here they had proper beds with reindeer sking, and sleeping bags, but you have to wear woolen clothing to go to bed, cause the temperature is below 0 I think.Dont really know, but I believe so....

I hope someday I will get the chance to sleep in a snow-hotel...