onsdag 16. mars 2011

Concert in my hometown Karasjok

It's wednesday and we are going to my hometown Karasjok from Varangerbotn. On our way we there we drive over the river on a ice-road to the finnish side of the river. We just want to go to the finnish supermarket and get some snacks and food for the trip. everything is cheaper in Finland, so it is usual to go there to get meat, cigarettes, gasoline, alchohol and whatever you need...
I only bought a small carton of cold blueberry-soup. They dont sell that in norway, and I love it! :D

So on our way there is a checkpoint in Levajok. We decide to step by there to see what's going on, and just to have a break from driving. We go in that cafe, and there is jeff King! He is the most famous sledge.dog racer. has has won the biggest longest race 4 times, and was invited to Finnmarksløpet at a hounour-guest. Dont know what you say in english. He was specially invited. So it turns out he really liked my performance at the opening show and we toop a pic together. I actually didnt know who he was when i met him first, but afterwards they told me he was the most famous man here. By now i am getting to be a big sledge-dog-race fan, so I am really proud to have met him! :D

So we arrive to Karasjok and this was the hardest concert I had. I was terrifyed to sing and dance in front of so many people from my hometown who have known me since I was just a blonde small kid. Very frightening. I felt I did everything wrong, but in between i had some moments where I felt that I had managed to show them what I wanted to show them performance wise. Even if I didnt feel I did great, I think they understood my message, wich is good. I dont actually know if the perfomance was as bad I as I felt it was, could be it was great...sometimes I am a bit hard on myself...