søndag 13. mars 2011

Snow-stage, Ice-art and duodji-sale in Tana!

So in the morning sunday the 13th of februrary I had to wake up early to start the long drive all the way to Tana. It took us about 7 hours to get there. My band went back to Oslo, and now it was back to duo concerts. after that great concert in hammerfest I really wanted my band to come with me, but they could not.

I was exhausted after the trip to Tana, so I tried to rest as much as possible. Outside our hotel it was packed with people. Alot of people were selling doudji/sami handcraft, and other clothing and arts and food and alot of stuff. It was fun to see so much people there, amongst the ice-sculptures, and the hill for children to play on. They had built a stage of snow, and the funny thing was that the dog-racers track was right on the stage, so every once in a while there would be a dog-sledge passing over the stage where the conferansier was standing.

Later in the evening the stage was used for music. Ája and me where playing on that stage. And just when Ája was playing their last song one of the dog-racers came and passed behind them, and waved to the audience. It was just the coolest thing!
I thought: "Wow, how cool is that! I want a dog-sledge come and pass over stage when I am singing too!! That didnt happen unfortunately, but it was so cool to se that anyway! :D

Later that night there was a acoustic Cyaneed (girl-punkrock band from Alta) concert at the hotel that I went to see. They always have such energy and power at their concerts. It was nice to hear them in a more quiet setting. I really enjoyed their concert. Their bass player did a few songs on her her own, wich was really suprising for me, and beutiful! :D