torsdag 17. mars 2011

Winner of Finnmarksløpet arrives Alta!

Yesterday in karasjok was my last concert together with "Ája" and "Songs from the heart". Right after the concert in Karasjok we hurried back to Alta. I barely had time to say hello to my father before we had to go...
But it was good because that gave us tha whole day to rest on thursday before our duo concert at City Scene in Alta.

I was support for Mikael Wiehe from Sweden. I had such a good time playing there! The sound was amazing. Both Jørn and me where just overwhelmed about how good the sound-man was. We had borrowed the Mikael Wiehe's sound-guy for that concert. His name was Krille, and was just the most effective, precise sound-guy I have ever met. And maybe Jørn as well cause we were both impressed! :D

I had never seen so many people in City Scene, and was happy I had the chance to play there in the first place. The audience were very welcoming. Many of them had never heard my music before, but it looked like they liked it! They looked at me with big eyes, which I take as a good sign. :D

Mikael Wiehe played for almost 2 hours. Towards the end of his concert Roger Dahl, the winner of Finnmarksløpet came in, and I ran out to get a glimpse of him. Wow, I couldn't believe he had been out there with his dogs the whole time while I had been travelling around Finnmark as well. It was so cool to see him there. he was tired, and he had gotten champagne and flowers. The first thing he did was to thank and hug each and everyone of his dogs for the trip. He was surrounded by media, so it was quite hard to actually see him...

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