tirsdag 15. mars 2011

Varangerbotn concerts at the museum

So now we are arriving at Varangerbotn. This day was the day I didnt seem to do anything right.. Jørn and I had 2 concerts that day. First a short one outside wich was spectacular again. The sky was clear with stars all over, and just a little tiny bit of the northern lights. There are not much lights ouside the museum there, so the stage light where the only lights there, wich made everything even more magic. But well.. The leader of the checpoint varangerbotn had told me to open up the checkppoint by lit a fire beside the stage. so he told me what to do before the concert, and I was thinking about this all the time. "remeber to carry the fire to the side of the stage to open the checkpoint". i was telling myself that the whole time we where playing, but it the end of the last song, I forgot!! unbelivable!
so I was leaving the stage when someone reminded me, and I had to go back to the mic and tell the audience what I will do, and I just blacked out, and didnt know what to say... really embarrasing. But in the end everyone understood I was carrying fire to a fireplace to lit it and that would symbolize the opening of the checkpoint.
I was really honoured to do this, cause now I am starting to follow the racers and watch on the news on the internet and TV how things are going for the racers.
I found it really exciting and fun to watch and learn alot about these dogs, and just admirering the racers who travel so far with their dogs. thay must have an amazing experience out there travelling!
So I am really really proud that they wanted me to do this opening of the checkpoint. I promise i will make up for them somehow in the future, for doing such a bad job...

We were finished outside and now moving inside to the museum to play a concert indoors. This concert was a little bit longer. Here I made my other misktake, wich has never happened to me before. I started singing the wrong song! Jørn was playing a totally different song then I was singing, so mothing made sense. It was was weirdest thing... and embarrasing again!! yeah..dont know what got me so distracted that day, it was one of those days. probably the moon or something... But the audience where forgiving, and luckily I managed to do good, except for these small weird mistakes. I dont think they are so uncommon. Do you konw of anyone who has made mistakes like that?