tirsdag 22. mars 2011

End of Finnmarksløpet-tour

Wow! I dont know where to start when writing about Finnmarksløpet. I traveled around Finnmark for 10 days, had a concert every day, and met so many great people. It has been such an adventure! I want to write about every day in this blog ( I will), just so I can look back and read about it later in my life. I never want to forget about this experience!

My two last concerts where on saturday in Alta. I had gone from Kirkenes at 7 in the morning, to catch a flight to Tromsø, then Alta, so I could be in time for the prize-ceremony at 12. Eveyone who had come back to Alta at that time was there, after the ceremony, in front of all these winners I sang "Lihkku Niehku/Dream of Fotune". The audience where cheering and people sang along, and at the end I actually managed to sneak me a hug from some of the winners. I felt I had stolen hugs from them, but I have just got so attached to the race that I really hoped they would accept my gratulations.
In the evening was the banquet, and everyone involved whith Finnmarksløpet was there to celebrate the end of the event. I had been following and got more and more intrested in the race. It is amazing, and just looks so fun to do it! I have really learned to appriciate sledge-dog racing now. The dogs are awesome! I like how wild they are. They are tamed, but if they run away they become wild again just in a few hours away from humans. One of the participants had lost one dog, so he actually had to go out looking for it, and skip the part where he revieves a bronze-trophy, he was just so afraid of loosing his dog. That it would go wild again, and he would never be able to catch it again.
Petter Carslen and me sang a few songs each. I was so tired that night, but I stayed for a while selling CD's. I got to met Lars Monsen, and Jeff King again! A lot of other people, including Steinar, who is in my video, and his wife Lisa, who made us the best food. I sat at the table with some nice people from Hamburg, and Sweden. And also met my godmother from Kirkenes, whom I have only seen once the last 10 years. :D