torsdag 10. mars 2011

First day of Finnmarksløpet - tour

Photos Ken A. Brox

The start of my Finnmarksløpet tour was in Alta 10th of March for the opening of the Borealis vinterfestival as well as Finnmarksløpet.
Alta videregående skole had made this amazing play for this. I dont know where to begin descibing it. It was just perfect. The cotumes where great and the big stallo was the star of the play. It was teatre, musical, puppets, circus, karneval. All in one! Alot of different acts.

They had some poi-fire dancers there, and I was so lucky that they actually agreed to do some fire-dancing under my act as well. I was really proud. I think poi is the coolest thing. I tried to learn it at some point, but just havent practiced, so no progress with that....

This snow/ice-artist Laila Kostyak had made lots of sculpures and also the huge stage of snow. It was up to 7 meter over the ground, I belive. Such a artwork!
I started singing quite high on the sculpture and for the third verse I went down from it. I was so terrified of falling down! I saw all the people from up there. They said it could be a few thousand that had come to see the opening. It was the strangest feeling ever. Just to see the heads of people, and when I looked up there was the northern lights! It was the perfect opening of my tour I must say. I knew it was going to be a special experience to sing under the northern lights every day!