onsdag 23. desember 2015


Please tell me what you think of this crazy theory of mine:
 I believe that the human kind will after a while split up to two different species. This will tak a number of years, but I think it could happen.

So the two species would be:

1. Plastic - human: The artificial human. You know the kind that eats only prossesed foods.  Sugars, fastfood, powders and with plastic injected all over their bodies. They also suffering for all the new illnesses (stress, ADD, diabetes etc) caused by filling their body of different kind of poisons and artificial stuff.  (yes, I call for example raffined sugars and E- numbers poison)

2. Organic - Human : Organic food is a really big thing here in Norway now (even bigger in Denmark). It tastes so much better and it is nutricious compared to much of the fastfoods you can get. The body acts totally different to this food, and will therefore have a enitrely different development compared to the "constructed" human in the first example.

So my theory is that because there is such a big difference, there might be that if there are people who only eat organic, and others who only eat prossesed food, they will develop differently, and eventually become two different species.

Am I crazy or? To me it sounds like something that could occur.... !!

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