tirsdag 1. desember 2015


A few months ago my dear collegue Sara Marielle Gaup (traditional yoiker in the band Àdjagas and Àrvvas) told me about her plan for the COP21 in Paris 12th of december 2016. This is a meeting with top leaders of the world where they will discuss the global warming and climate changes in the world.

She told me she had made a yoik, and she hoped that people from all over the world would yoik this yoik on the streets of Paris during this important meeting about our earth. She was going to ask sami artist and other to make their own version of the yoik, make a video and put it on youtube. She also asked if I would want to come to Paris and participate on this event.
I have thought about me going there since the day se asked, and I still want to go, but unfortunately my shcedule does not allow it. I am hoping my shcedule for next year leaves more blanks in it, so I will be able to do more things on impulse. Especially if it is for such an importnat cause as this!

I immidiately knew that I wanted to contribute to this. Because we are talking about our world, and there is nothing more important than our earth!  

I also strongly felt that yoikng is the right thing to do for the earth. I have recently discovered what yoiking is - my experience of it. I feel like yoiking is the sound from the earth - the sound OF the earth. You have to be connected to the earth to be able to yoik. So I thought for that reason that it was a beutiful thing of Sara Marielle to make a yoik for the earth. It was logical, and made perfect sense.

Here is her video:

 I was one of the first ones to make a video, and since then alot of other sami artist have done it as well! Alot of other stuff has been going on as well. A stone picked my Sara-Marielle has travelled from Sápmi to Paris, in the spirit of Nils Aslak Valkeapää.

It is truly inspirering to see how the Sámi people really are invested in the future, doing what we can to make changes for the better in the world. This is so different from my mothers generation for example. They were taught to keep quiet, and that their culture and view of the world was not worth anything. I feel proud to be a part of this change in the world, where our values can help give clarity to issues of the world. <3 nbsp="" p="">
You read moore about "We speak earth" and  see other artists yoiks henre on this group on Facebook:

 What do you think about this? Are you concerned about global warming? 

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