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Stállu is a creature in Sámi mytholgy. As children we used to fear Stállu, because if we did not behave it could come and take us away and even eat us.

If you think about it its much like a police officer. Who knows, maybe one day police officers will be mythological creatues as well! Haha.

I just released a christmas song about stállu. Since the Sami people did not have much of a christmas celebration before we got the christian traditions - Stállu is the most obvious thing to write about connected to Sámi christmas – but who knows, if I have time to do more research I might find something else for next christmas!

Stállu is very much like the norwegian ”troll”. It is big, dark, very scary – but also a bit stupid.  

There a hundres of stories about the stállu, but I have chosen to write about the stories that I know about. 

It is said that in the darkseason the Stállu is out on his journey with his mouse-sledge (of all things).
You should always clean outside the house, so stallu won´t come and knock on the door telling you he can´t pass because of the clutter. 
You should also leave him a bowl of water outside the house if case he is thirsty, so he can drink outside instead of knocking on the door.

To keep children quiet and calm they were told that if they went out to slide down the hill, then Stállu would be waiting with his bag and he would trap you in the bag.

This is what I have written in the lyrics to the christmas song I wrote:  

The scarce light of the polar season embraces all.
Then beware of Stallus force
The moon and the stars gives the snow a perfect golden glow.
The north is in winter solstice.
stallu rides in his sleigh,
beware his force, stallus force.

Keep your yard neat when stallu passes by.
please him with this trough of water outside the/your house.
careful child while on your sledge , he might come from to bag you.

The north is in winter solstice.
stallu rides in his sleigh,
beware his force, stallus force.

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