lørdag 19. desember 2015


I threw myself to the ground, like a wounded soldier back from battle
The ground as my nursing bed
I can breathe again. The relief!
I have survived another battle!
This was a long one. I almost did not make it.
I let the breeze blow away all my thoughts of attack, and rested the mind.
The silent sight of the trees standing steadfast as if nothing could break them. 
The earth energy brings the feeling of power and security.

"Please heal me!", I cried.

Whirling sensations began in my body. Little helpers running around me checking me for injuries. 
I felt all my internal wounds being tended.
My exhausted mind being nourished.
I felt my breath again. I was safe and attended to.

It is a war out there
Bullets shot straight at you with no mercy
ads, commercials, trends, idols, hype, new technology, latest releases, attitudes, bodyimage.....
You will never know when it hits you. It can hit you at any point...
You can be hit and you don´t even know it.
You can be wounded wihtout realizing.
Wounded - not knowing why you are feeling ill.

It is the war with yourself.
Your body the vessel of a battlefield.
Battles we fight with selfies, apps, posts, fashion, likes and followers.

But now I had returned home to my castle a hero. This is where I belong. Why can´t I just stay here?
There is no need to fight here. Just be. Everything is what it is.

But the war is not over....

Thank you for nursing me, making me ready for another battle. I would not survive without you! Nothing will.
Courage rose in me again as I felt the comforting smell of the grass and moss.
The smell of home. I will fight for this.

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