onsdag 16. desember 2015


In 2013 I went to Iceland for the first and only time (for now). It was a big luck that I actually went, but I learned the most exciting things about elves there - and it made me want to learn more!

My brother Ove and I went to a guided trip in the Hellisgerdi park.  http://www.elfgarden.is/
This very nice lady, Ragnhildur, showed us through the park and told stories about the elves that lived there. This park is open to everybody, so its a public park. Luckily there are very few times that anyone does any damage to the park, although it has happened. But stories tell that the elves there will not allow anyone to mess with their park. They have guards.

She said that for everything that grows - a tree, flower, grass etc, there is always at least one being that lives with that thing. For example a tree or a group of trees have at least one being that lives with it. The tree cannot live without this being, and this being cannot be there without the tree.

There are all kinds of beings - not only elves, trolls, fairies, dvarfs etc. There are many more beings and they can all live in the same stone or area and not see each other. Ragnhildur would walk past a stone, and in one side there where beings of light that sing magic into things (!)- and on the other side of the stone there would be dwarfs living. They all live in different dimensions, and all of them don´t have the ability to see each other. Some of them don´t have the ability to see humans. So for me this was a big eye opener! It is a fairly common thing to not be able to see other beings. They can´t see us either...

She told us many stories, and I will try to find if  I have some of them written, but the most intreresting thing that happened on this guided tour was when we had almost got to the end of the tour and we went to see an elf that lived in a big rock when suddely the lady started talking very fast. She said that this elf had a message to me that he wanted me to bring to where I come from. And he wanted to know if I would accept this. And I said "Yes, of course. What is it, what do I have to do?"

She answered "You don´t have to do anything, just be willing to take the message with you."
I was confused, but she hushed me and said "He wants to give you the message now."
I stopped asking questions and calmed the mind and I felt yellow energy coming straight into my belly. It was a swirling yellow energy that went into me. After this I tried to ask her how do I know what the message was, and what I had to do. But she said "you don´t have to even know what it is, just know you have a message to the fairies in your homeland, and nothing else. You have it with you now. They will know what to do with it"

This was such a special experience to me that I will never forget. I felt truly honored to be the carrier of a message to the elves back home. Exciting. And I was excited to come to know what the message was...

Read more about my Iceland trip here: http://elinkaaven.blogspot.no/2013/07/vacation.html

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