torsdag 24. desember 2015


Christmas Eve. This is the most peaceful day of the year that I know of. There is no other day of the year that feels quite like this day. It is so peaceful and calm. It has a warm, beutiful, serene athmosphere.
The world feels totally different from all other days. It´s like the world has changed.

It makes me think of the enourmous power of thought. Could it be because everybody in the whole Norway, and Sápmi are focusing on the same thing? Having a joyous time with their families. Focus on peace, understanding and kindness?

What if people could focus more on these things in everyday life. Would we then have less wars for example? Would the world be a better place? The world feels like a better place in christmas.
(I am not speaking for all of them who suffer even more in christmas because of family or other life issues)

Maybe it´s just because everybody has taken a break. All the conflicts and stress is on hold for a while. But if that "only" could change the feeling of a whole city - and the world, then that is proof for me how much thoughts and emotions affect the world in general.

It´s the universal energy - we are all a part of one. And everyone of us affect the outcome. Change will only come if most of us agree on something - and go for it. As many of us as possible should focus on the message of peace, and we would have peace on earth. Can it be that simple?


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