mandag 7. desember 2015


I got my name ”The Arctic Fairy" at a bellydance festival in Leicester England. This festival is called and it is a gothic bellydance festival. I hold this festival very close to my heart, it has had a huge impact on my life and art.
When I started bellydancing I danced dark fusion bellydance and Gothic bellydance. 

In 2007 I had just started teaching bellydance in Oslo, and was buying belts to sell to my students. I bought the belts from one of the organisers of the festival, Rosie, and she suggested I come to this festival. I did, and I have only missed 1-2 since.
Next year is the 10th anniversary for the festival!

I was invited to teach there many times, and also performed. This is the most important festival for me to meet people who like the same things as me.

One of the organisers, Heike Humphreys said to me once: ”You look like a demented elf who has been lying underground in the tundra for 100 years and then came out dancing. ”

And alot of people kept telling me again and again that this is what they get from my performance - the arctic-nordic feeling and expression.

I took this as a huge compliment, and thought ” Yes, I wouldnt mind being an elf! If I had the chance to choose what I want to be I would choose elf!” 

After I while I realised that this is actually a gift! This is what I am good at! I am good at looking like an elf. And I love that! I starte dusing this name in my music as well. But first I changed the name from ”demented elf” to ”Arctic fairy” so it would sound more general, cause I am not always doing dark gothic stuff. Sometimes I am happy too!!

So I have everything to thank for in my life and artistry! Thank you GOTHLA.UK team!

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