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Sami Lapplander
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I lived in the basement of my mother and fathers house from I was about 13 until I moved away when I was 16. I had alot of room there, and my own bathroom. It had its own front door too, and a huge room with sofa and chairs etc before entering my bedroom. I was the only one living on that floor.
This happened summertime. Summers where always a really fun time for us, cause we would just do whatever we wanted when we wanted. There is light day and night, so life is kind of eternal, or it stands still. No hinders, no beginning or end, just life. Experiences.

I was sleeping in my bed when i heard this whisper: "Eliiin Eliiiiiin." 
I thouht it was my friend Leila (who I told you about before), when she comes she could always think of some prank or funny thing to do just to make people laugh. I thought she had came to visit me. Doors where always open for everybody when I grew up. We never used to call in beforehand and check if we could come visit, we would just turn up whenever. And if they are not home - we go to someone else instead.

I looked up from my bed, but I couldn´t see anyone, so I went back to sleep.

Again I heard:  "Eliiin Eliiiiiin."
I looked up again, and this time I went to see in the big room if anyone was there, but I could not see anyone, so I went back to sleep.

But then I heard it again: "Eliiin Eliiiiiin."  I jumped off my bed, cause now I will catch whoever they are, and ran to the big room and said: "This is not funny, Leila! Where are you?" I even checked outside, but I didn´t see anyone.

I went back to bed again, half asleep wondering what this was. And suddenly I saw a girl in front of me crying. I felt like I was half asleep, half awake. I saw this beautiful gákti (sami dress) on this young girl. Maybe she was about 10 years old. The gákti was the brightest blue and had very nice silver decor on it. She looked like a very rich girl. She was crying her eyes out. She was so sad I felt sorry for her right away. I asked her why she was crying, and she answered "My grandmother is dead."
I felt so sorry for her loss, and I was so shocked of her answer that I said " Oh no, is she? Are you sure?" (why wouldn´t she be, but thats what I asked her, cause I did not want it to be true when I saw how sad she was).

She said "Thats what they told me anyway. I miss her so much!"
"Who told you this?", I asked her.
"The people I live with now. They said that my grandmother was dead and I should live with them now. I miss my grandmother", she sobbed.

I felt so sorry for her, I didn´t know what to do. I wanted to help her, but unfortunately I cannot help her much with this, except try to calm her. I remember almost crying myself, and I did my best to comfort her. I said " I am sure your grandmother misses you too, and I am sure she is still with you in spirit. She will always be your grandmother."  Then suddenly under this beautful gákti I saw a cows tale. This is a clear sign of an ulda in sami tales... And not much later she dissapeared.

This "dream" felt so real to me, I was really shaken when I woke up. I was sure this had to mean something, I could´t stop thinking about it. I got caught up in trying to figue out what had just happened to me... Was it a dream, a vision, a memory....

So I told my mother about this incident, and her conclusion was that this girl had been taken by the ulda, and the uldas that she lives with now had told her that her grandmother had died, thats why she had to come live with them. This girl probably lived with her grandmother, not her parents before she was taken.... I will probably never know the answer to this, but it was a strange experience...   

A story about Ulda: http://elinkaaven.blogspot.no/2015/03/ulddaid-viesus-i-huldrenes-hus.html

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